Miguel Martins


Born in the historical city of Porto, I lived most of my life in sunny Algarve where tourism is the main activity, early aged I started to work in local restaurants always with the focus on learning more and making professional training courses to be a better professional.

Ambition to search for better challenges made me apply for a job at the renowned Vila Vita Parc Hotel, during that time I was finishing my Sommelier degree and soon the wine passion was growing, wine tastings, wine events, fairs in and outside of Portugal, visits to the different wine regions and producers, made me a better Sommelier and the will to explore other projects took me to other places like Restaurant Henrique Leis, Le Hermitage, Vila Joya, Bela Vista Boutique Hotel and also Conrad Algarve, all of them with one thing in common, Michelin Stars, this gave me the experience of luxury service.

In between other projects were built and the opening of a wine shop was just a consequence of the passion, know-how and network of contacts I had in all the different components of the wine business.

Being a registered brand, the “Sommelier all about Wine” was the first step to the services of wines I wanted to achieve due to my experience, … this is all part of the tailor-made experiences I want to provide to my guests.

Knowing to anticipate guests needs, expectations, attention to detail either when it comes to wine, food, accommodation and travelling into genuine and authentic places in order to provide moments and experiences never to forget, it’s an art!!!