Wine Product 3


This is a wine that was planned be sold exclusively to Conrad Algarve Hotel.

As I was the wine director of the resort my idea was to produce every year a limited quantity of a wine in cooperation with a top winemaker from Portugal, something to express a native grape or style of wine that shows the wine culture of Portugal.

For this edition I invited my good friend Anselmo Mendes, famous to produce some of the best Alvarinhos from Portugal.

From different options of “terroirs”; altitude, sandy or limestone soils, older vines, sun exposure, etc…and from this pallet of differences, a blend was produced to create a wine for high gastronomy.

Wine description:

Made from one of the best vintages ever, 2017. It shows aromas of mature fruit, citrus, pineapple with evolution. Complex in the palate with amazing balance and creaminess, acidity that follows the taste until the end.

Total Price: 18